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Bulk Generic Bullion and Accumulation Plan

The FideliTrade accumulation plan is an automatic way to take advantage of dollar-cost-averaging and obtain the best average price for your precious metals portfolio.  It eliminates the need to continuously monitor the market and place trades. 

When you participate in the accumulation plan you acquire bulk generic bullion.  Bulk generic bullion is a specific but undivided interest in bulk holdings.  Every ounce is fully covered and you can take delivery at any time.  Bulk generic bullion enables investors to invest in precious metals while avoiding the premiums that coins and bars carry.  Bulk generic bullion is available in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. 

FideliTrade’s accumulation plan is a bi-monthly or monthly automatic investment in bulk generic bullion.  You designate the type of bullion and your investment amount. 

You can purchase on the 1st and/or 16th of each month.  There is no fee to join and the minimum commission is only $5.  The minimum investment is $100 per metal type and you can pay with credit card or bank account.