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Institutional Services – Custody

FideliTrade offers 2 custody options.

Bulk Custody 

Bulk generic bullion is a specific but undivided interest in bulk holdings.  Every ounce is fully covered and you can take delivery promptly at any time.  Bulk generic bullion enables investors to invest in precious metals while avoiding the premiums that coins and bars carry.  Bulk generic bullion is available in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. With the Bulk Custody Program you’ll pay the lowest custody rate.

Individual Custody 

Individual custody is FideliTrade’s custody service for specific bars and coins.  Individual Custody allows you to deposit your bullion coins and bars into a fully allocated account.  The Individual Custody Program allows you to choose either non-segregated or segregated custody.

Non-segregated custody is a low-cost way to have the benefit of secure, fully insured storage.  Because your bullion is fully allocated and is commingled with the similar products of other customers (e.g., all American Eagle gold coins are stored together), storage fee are minimized. 

Segregated custody is the premier custody service.  With segregated storage, your bullion is held separate and apart from the bullion of other customers. Your bullion is separately packaged, sealed in its own container, and uniquely labeled specifically for you.

With all custody options, you’ll receive confirmations and periodic statements detailing all of your holdings.  You may buy and add to your holdings, or liquidate holdings at any time.  You may take delivery promptly at any time.

FideliTrade also offers custody services outside the US.  Your bullion can be held securely in Zurich*, Switzerland or Toronto, Canada.

*Zurich location only holds gold.