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Investor Services – Delivery

How to Take Delivery of Bullion
FideliTrade customers can choose to take delivery of their bullion at any time.

Whether it’s a new order or bullion held in your custody account, simply call FideliTrade at (800) 223-1080 and request delivery.  A representative will estimate shipping and handling costs, and initiate the process.

  • FideliTrade typically ships packages using FedEx. However, shipments via armored carrier and other express carriers can be arranged.                              
  • For security purposes, shipments are made only to your address on record.
  • Packages are insured to $100,000 (additional insurance is provided with armored carrier shipments).Ante- Room 3 Overhead cropped
How to Ship Bullion to FideliTrade

FideliTrade customers can ship their bullion to FideliTrade at any time.

Whether you wish to sell your bullion or deposit it in your FideliTrade custody account, simply call us at (800) 223-1080 to make arrangements.

  • FideliTrade can prepay your shipping and provide you with a FedEx airbill, packing slip and shipping instructions.
  • Once your package arrives, it will be processed in approximately two business days and deposited into your account.  
  •  Bullion will be sold according to the instructions indicated on the packing slip.  Shipping costs will be deducted from the liquidation proceeds or paid separately once metal is deposited into your account.
  • Please notify us if you’re shipping bullion to FideliTrade using a different shipping method.
  • Alternate shipping methods are available for high value shipments.