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Investor Services – How to Buy

A FideliTrade team member will walk you through the process of opening an account and placing trades; all without pressuring you.

After you open an account, you may immediately place a trade up to $15,000. Orders exceeding $15,000 may require an advance deposit prior to executing your first purchase. 

FideliTrade trades with bullion dealers and refiners throughout the world – which gives us the ability to provide you with unparalleled pricing and liquidity.  And unlike many dealers, we provide both bid and ask prices so you can clearly see what your acquisition/liquidation costs are.  We do not have a minimum order size. However, minimum fees may apply. See our Investor Rate Schedule for details.

Preferred payment methods are personal check & bank wire. (FideliTrade does not accept 3rd party payments)

Call (800) 223-1080 or (302) 762-6200 to place a trade or schedule an appointment.