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Investor Services – Why FideliTrade

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Transparency – FideliTrade representatives explain and provide all fees incurred for trades, custody and shipping.  The Investor Rate Schedule outlines our simple fee structure so you can feel confident when investing through FideliTrade.  And unlike many dealers, we provide both bid and ask prices so you can clearly see what your acquisition/liquidation costs are; bullion prices are updated continuously on our website.

 Experience – FideliTrade’s management team has over 250 years of combined precious metals experience.  Precious metals aren’t part of what we do, it’s our sole focus.  FideliTrade specializes in investment grade bullion coins and bars. Although we do not provide investment advice, we pride ourselves on educating our customers so they can make the best decisions regarding their bullion investment.

Price & LiquidityFideliTrade trades with bullion dealers, major refiners and mints throughout the world which gives us the ability to provide you with unparalleled pricing and liquidity. 

 Counterfeit Detection – FideliTrade works closely with our wholly owned depository to ensure that all bullion sold or deposited is thoroughly inspected and tested.  Substantial resources are dedicated to counterfeit detection equipment, technology and experienced personnel.  Dimension measurement devices, precision scales, density measurement equipment, magnets, conductivity testers, thickness & inclusion ultrasounds, resonant ultrasounds, x-ray florescence spectroscopy, and specialized x-ray imaging among other processes are utilized onsite to ensure incoming bullion is authentic.  Putting these safeguards in place enables us to stand behind every piece of bullion that is sold.  FideliTrade has built our reputation on trust and we take that very seriously.

Free Limit Orders – FideliTrade allows you to set free limit orders for a period of 90 days.  Choose your desired price and if it hits, FideliTrade will buy or sell for you automatically*.  Call (800) 223-1080 or (302) 762-6200 for more details.
*Limit orders are tracked and filled during normal business hours only.

Accumulation Plan – FideliTrade offers automatic purchase plans that allow you to take advantage of dollar cost averaging, low commission and custody rates.  You can purchase gold, silver, platinum and palladium once or twice a month using your credit card or bank account. 

Visit our Products & Prices page for more information on Bulk Generic Bullion.

Depository Services – FideliTrade’s wholly owned depository is licensed by the major commodity exchanges and insured for $1 billion through London underwriters.  Together we offer individuals and institutions a variety of storage options with the highest level of protection and service.

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