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What’s the difference between large products vs small?

There is no single answer to this question.

  • Large bars (100-ounce gold, 1,000-ounce silver, 50-ounce platinum or 100-ounce palladium bars) generally have lower premiums and smaller bid/ask spreads, thereby making them the lowest cost alternative when buying.  However, they require a larger investment and can only be liquidated in large units. Delivery can be burdensome and redelivery for liquidation may require assay and refining. Storage costs must be factored into the decision.
  • Small bullion bars and coins generally have higher premiums and larger bid/ask spreads than larger bars. However, they can be bought and sold in small unit sizes, are easily shipped, and typically do not require assay when redelivered for liquidation. They can be easily stored in a commercial vault or safe deposit box.