FideliTrade provides bullion services, straight from the source. 

What We Do

This means FideliTrade acquires bullion directly from national and commercial mints.  Whether it is trading, custody or distribution services, customers have peace of mind that their transactions and assets are not at risk.

We are well capitalized and we have no debt. 

We do not loan or lease metals. This means that customers can rest assured that we always fulfill our obligations.  Customers don’t need to worry about receiving their bullion or that their funds are at risk.  Our depository is exchange-approved and insures customer assets to $1 billion.

FideliTrade is experienced.  In fact, the management team has nearly 300 years of cumulative precious metals experience.  This means that we understand the markets, market and operational risk, and customer needs.  We’ve been successfully operating for over two decades.  Our friendly staff will help with all aspects of your account.  Additionally, all staff are incentivized for service, not sales, ensuring you will never be pressured and your interests are always paramount.

FideliTrade is the trusted source for all your precious metals bullion needs.