FideliTrade is a full-service precious metals firm. Private investors, advisors as well as banks and brokers work with FideliTrade in a variety of ways.

FideliTrade’s program comprises the former precious metals investor service operations of Wilmington Trust Company, Citibank, Bank of America, Bank of Delaware, Sunshine Mining Company, Bank of America & Chase Investment Services.

FideliTrade provides bullion services, straight from the source — FideliTrade acquires bullion directly from national and commercial mints.  Our depository is exchange approved. Whether its trading, custody or distribution services, customers have peace of mind that their transactions and assets are never at risk.

FideliTrade is well capitalized.  We have no debt. We never loan or lease metals. This means that customers can rest assured that we always fulfill our obligations. Customers never need to worry about receiving their bullion or that their funds are at risk.  Customer assets are insured to $1 billion.

FideliTrade is experienced.  We’ve been successfully operating for over two decades. Our friendly staff will help with all aspects of your account.  Additionally, all staff are incentivized for service, not sales, ensuring you will never be hassled and your interests are always paramount.

FideliTrade is the trusted source for all your precious metals bullion needs.

Private Investors

Precious metals can be for every investor

With all the uncertainty in the world, precious metals are increasingly popular with investors. And whether you’re an experienced investor or just getting started, bullion can enhance and diversify your portfolio. Our Client Services team is here to help you navigate the myriad of product and service choices.

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Precious metals services for your customers

As an advisor, you’re accustomed to educating clients. Precious metals represent a liquid, tangible asset that can diversify and stabilize client portfolios as well as offer capital appreciation. FideliTrade’s clearing services provide you with trading, statements and support to help you take care of your clients.

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Banks and Brokers

Dealers, Banks & Brokers

Having a broad mix of products and services helps attract and retain customers.  FideliTrade works with dealers and financial institutions by providing back-office support, electronic trading, and custody services. We even assist with one-time customer transactions.

Whether you choose our wholesale service or prefer to refer your customers, you can count on prompt, complete and accurate service from a trusted source.

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