As a FideliTrade account holder, you will receive assistance with all of your precious metals transactions from an experienced member of our client services team.  FideliTrade does not use commissioned salespeople so you can rest assured that you’ll never be pressured.  And you’ll receive highly competitive prices from a company that has provided decades of service for tens of thousands of satisfied customers.

No matter the type of account or location of bullion, you always have the option to take delivery. Bullion can be shipped to you or picked up from any location.

FideliTrade does not have a minimum purchase amount. We accommodate customers of every size and offer a variety of account types.

You can use your account for IRA and non-IRA transactions and you can hold your bullion in different locations. FideliTrade holds bullion domestically in Delaware, Nevada and internationally in Zurich, Switzerland and Toronto, Canada.

Call a FideliTrade representative at 800-223-1080 to determine which service is right for you.

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