FideliTrade’s institutional clientele include banks, brokerage firms, investment funds and other financial service organizations. FideliTrade works with dealers, wholesalers and exchanges.

Having a FideliTrade commercial account enables you to trade a variety of products easily. You can trade online or over the phone. Commercial trading hours are 8am-8pm EST Monday through Thursday and 8am-5pm EST on Friday.

FideliTrade Incorporated offers a full range of specialized precious metals clearing and administrative services to an international network of commercial entities. Our comprehensive menu of trading, custody, delivery, and support services enables banks, brokerage firms and other commercial enterprises to enhance their product mix and service capabilities, and earn additional income, while increasing cross-sale opportunities and reducing the permanent loss of customer assets to competing institutions. And, all this can be accomplished with little or no risk or cost.

FideliTrade can tailor a precious metals program to suit your company’s experience, resources and requirements. All accounts are titled in your institution’s name, and only your designated staff members are authorized to conduct trades. FideliTrade will provide you with detailed reports of all activity and holdings. Our commercial services are designed for regulated financial institutions that are willing to dedicate some marketing and administrative resources to the development of a proprietary precious metals service, but do not want to incur the expense of developing a comprehensive program of their own.

Call FideliTrade at 302-762-2500 to discuss your specific needs and determine which services and accounting structure best meet your needs.