FideliTrade can help you purchase precious metals for your IRA. Precious metals have been permitted as an acceptable asset class in IRAs for over 30 years. FideliTrade has built relationships with several trust companies who allow metals as an asset class for IRAs.

As a FideliTrade account owner you can purchase for your IRA or outside of your IRA.  Once your IRA is funded, you can call FideliTrade to buy gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars and coins.  FideliTrade will work directly with your trust company to transfer funds and deposit your bullion into your IRA account. 

IRA assets purchased through FideliTrade can be stored at Delaware Depository. 

Delaware Depository is an exchanged licensed depository fully qualified to hold IRA assets.

Your trust company will administer your IRA account.  Storage fees and statements will be handled directly through your trust company.  FideliTrade can provide your with a list of trust companies.

You can also choose FideliTrade to sell bullion held in your IRA even if purchased through another dealer.  Call 800-223-1080 to learn more.